Chapter 4: Belief

In chapter 4 the player character learns that Rho and Sammy had once been close. Rho was a grandmotherly figure to Sammy until one day Sammy told Rho some outlandish stories that the security footage simply did not back up. Rho did not know what to do because Sammy did not normally lie to her but what Sammy was saying could not be true – the footage proved it. After it was clear that Rho did not believe himher, Sammy locked himselfherself away in hisher room.

Rho asks the player character to beam aboard a fourth trusted adult to help. Together, Rho, the player character and hisher trusted adult examine some security footage and realise that someone has tampered with it and is covering something up. They unscramble the footage and see that someone is abusing Sammy. Rho realises that Sammy was telling the truth all along and she is very sorry she doubted Sammy.

Meanwhile, Sammy has been playing more levels of the Speak Up game and asks the player character to play them too so that they can talk about it. Sammy says that heshe is ready to tell Rho about hisher “need to tell” situation.

As Sammy tells Rho the spaceship gets brighter again.