Chapter 3: Understanding

In chapter 3 the player character learns that Tau and Sammy had once been close. Tau was a coach-like figure to Sammy until one day when Tau got really busy with work. By the time he sorted out the work problems, Sammy had locked himselfherself away in hisher room.

Tau encourages the player character to beam aboard a trusted adult who is not from hisher family or school.

Tau gives the player character and hisher trusted adult a computer game that was found discarded in the cargo bay. Together, the player character and hisher trusted adult discover that the Speak Up game is made for a child to play alongside hisher trusted adult.

They play a few levels, and then give the Speak Up game to Sammy to play.

The player character continues retraining Sammy’s Need to Tell Machine with the help of hisher trusted adults and the spaceship’s crew.

After playing the Speak Up game Sammy talks to Tau about hisher “need to tell” situation and the spaceship gets brighter.