Need To Tell Machine

"Need to Tell" machine mini-game
As a spaceship, Sammy receives a lot of communications. Sometimes heshe sees or hears things that might upset or confuse himher. Fortunately, Sammy has a Need to Tell Machine, which helps himher figure out which things heshe really needs to tell hisher trusted adults. Unfortunately, it’s not working properly, so it needs to be retrained.

In the Need to Tell Machine mini-game, the player helps retrain the Need to Tell Machine, by tagging some training stories as things that a child would need to tell a trusted adult, and others as things that a child wouldn’t need to tell (but could if they wanted to). HeShe then helps the Need to Tell Machine send the tagged “need to tell” items to one of Sammy’s trusted adults.

There are two phases in retraining Sammy’s Need to Tell machine. In phase 1, the player is presented with a number of “stories” in the form of email messages, text messages and audio messages. HeShe has to correctly classify each story as “need to tell” or “do not need to tell”.

Once the player has completed phase 1, heshe goes onto phase 2. Phase 2 is a rhythm game similar to Guitar Hero®. The aim of the game is for each of the items that have been tagged as “need to tell” (icons with an exclamation mark on them) to be sent to Sammy’s trusted adults by tapping the appropriate key on the keyboard when a tagged item reaches the row of red buttons. Untagged items can fall through to the bottom tube, which goes straight to Sammy.