Chapter 1: Togetherness

In chapter 1 the player character learns that Delta and Sammy had once been close; Sammy looked up to Delta as a teacher and a friend. One day, as part of her spaceship scientist duties, Delta had to leave the spaceship to go on an urgent scientific mission which later proved to be fruitless. When she got back Sammy had locked himselfherself away in hisher room and would not see or talk to anybody.

At Delta’s urging, the player beams aboard a trusted adult from hisher family. The player and hisher trusted adult want to meet Sammy to see if they can help himher; but with Sammy locked in hisher room how could they do that? Epsilon suggests forcing their way into Sammy’s room using a door forcer robot. Tau the technology guy helps himher build the door forcer robot (Robot Factory mini-game) but when it comes time to use it, the player character and the trusted adult decide that forcing the door may not be such a great idea, and decide to knock instead. After hearing the knock on the door, Sammy lets the player and hisher trusted adult into hisher room. HeShe isn’t ready to talk to them yet, but it’s a start! After they leave, Sammy goes to see Delta and the spaceship gets a little brighter. Delta is pleased to have seen Sammy but she is still worried about himher.