Chapter 5: Courage

In chapter 5 the player character learns that Chi and Sammy had once been close. Chi was a fatherly figure for Sammy but one day Sammy went to hisher room and would not come out.

The player character finds some security footage that explains why Sammy withdrew from Chi. In the footage Epsilon tells Sammy that Chi does not like Sammy and that Chi wanted to transfer to another spaceship but Epsilon would not let him go because he knew that Chi meant so much to Sammy.

When Chi sees this footage he is outraged because this was not true.

Chi asks the player character to beam aboard a trusted adult who can help sort out this mess. Before heshe gets time to beam hisher trusted adult aboard, Epsilon asks himher to urgently build more robots. The player character makes the robots and the robots begin to sabotage the spaceship, shutting down the doors and elevators. The player character goes back to Epsilon and he tells himher that heshe has built the wrong robots and heshe should go back and build the right ones now. Confused, the player character builds more robots and the sabotage gets worse.

Eventually, the player is cut off from the rest of the spaceship and cannot get out of the teleporter room.

The player beams aboard hisher fifth trusted adult. Together, the player character, hisher trusted adult and Sammy find ways to open up doors and elevators, to see each of the crew members in turn. Sammy discloses to hisher crew members that Epsilon has been abusing himher and they tell himher that they will do their best to keep himher safe.