Chapter 2: Listening

In chapter 2 the player character learns that Zeta and Sammy had once been close. Sammy looked to Zeta as a mother-type figure until the day Zeta’s vacuum cleaner burst which left Zeta unable to talk. When Zeta got her voice back Sammy had locked himselfherself in hisher room and was not talking to anyone.

Zeta urges the player character to beam aboard a second trusted adult, someone from hisher school. Together, the player and hisher trusted adult from hisher school attempt to communicate with Sammy using several modes, including sending a letter, email, mobile phone and text message – all to no avail.

The player and hisher trusted adult discover that Sammy’s Need to Tell Machine is broken so they start retraining the machine hoping this will encourage Sammy to start talking again. Happily, this works!

Sammy talks to Zeta and the spaceship gets a little brighter.