Modes of Communication

What children should know

Children should know the various ways they can contact their trusted adult. For example, telephone, email, face-to-face and letter. Part of the criteria in choosing trusted adults could include listing the different ways each trusted adult can be contacted.

Why this is an important part of child sexual abuse prevention

Children need to know the ways they can contact their trusted adults. Sometimes a child may prefer a less direct way to disclose abuse than talking to someone face-to-face. Understanding that it is okay to use any of these modes of communication can lower some of the psychological barriers that prevent disclosure.

Children may disclose sexual abuse by directly telling someone about it but they may also disclose less directly, sometimes unintentionally, over a period of time. However, it is hoped that this program will encourage children to disclose incidences of sexual abuse directly to their trusted adults.

Ideas for having conversations on this concept