Game Designers

Christian Jones
Ben Rolfe
Colleen Stieler-Hunt

Thank you to Sunshine Cooloola Services Against Sexual Violence Inc., Queensland Police Service, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Alexandra Sharp, Peter Hunt and Matthew Willis for consulting on game content and delivery.

Game Development

Game Developers

Curious Bear Productions Pty Ltd
Well Placed Cactus Pty Ltd

Executive Producer

Gordon Moyes

Technical Director

Gordon Moyes

Art Director

Milenko Tunjic


Leanne Taylor


Gordon Moyes
Jarrod Wall

Game Sound Effects

Jack Gillespie

Additional Programming

Daniel Lee Deppe
Philipp Gullberg
Matthew Horton
Chris Kouvaras

Additional Artwork

Kai Hulme
Jianting Pan

Special Thanks

Tyson Foster
Nic Gomez
Paul Stapelberg

Sound Engineer

Ian Belcher, Alien Sound
Thank you Ian and Helen!

Voice Director

Leanne C. Taylor

Story Concept

Ben Rolfe

Orbit Video

Drew Muir, Qframe Productions
Tony Hoad
Greg Poultney
Kay McGrath, Seven News
Bruce and Denise Morcombe, Daniel Morcombe Foundation
Superintendent Maurice Carless, Queensland Police Service
Nathalie de Brousse la Borde, Siena Catholic Primary School
4P 2013, Siena Catholic Primary School
Mardi Weilenmann
Professor Mary Katsikitis, University of the Sunshine Coast

Game Voices

James Sotiropolus (male player)
Alana Grimley (female player)
Jarrod Swaine (male Sammy)
Jaime Bretherton (female Sammy)
Jordan Steers (Chi)
Leanne C. Taylor (Delta)
Tom Evans (Epsilon)
Flloyd Kennedy (Rho)
Jordan Steer (Tau)
Alison McLennan (Zeta)
Natasha Dombrow (Trusted adult)
Colleen Stieler-Hunt (Trusted adult)
Flloyd Kennedy (Trusted adult)
Tully Grimley (Trusted adult)
James Giles (Trusted adult)
Ian Belcher (Trusted adult)
Paulie Buckman (Narrator, Speak Up)
Cereproc (Need to Tell machine)

Mini-game voices (in alphabetical order)

Shardè Anne
Kasani Bain
Joshua Belcher
David Bishop
Hannah Bom
Steve Boyd
Jamie Cumberlidge
Kate Doreshenko
Rebecca Hegarty
Joel Hughes
Flloyd Kennedy
Kelisha Lyndon
Savannah Malan
Ben Rolfe
Rachel Schousboe
Bailey Sumpton
Uwe Terton

Thank you to Matthew Flinders Anglican College, University of Queensland, and Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre for helping us find our voice actors.

Lesson plans

Colleen Stieler-Hunt
Laura Scholes
Renai Mclean
Lisa Mclean
Alexandra Sharp

Thank you to Sunshine Cooloola Services Against Sexual Violence Inc. for consulting on the lesson plans.


Christian Jones
Colleen Stieler-Hunt
Ben Rolfe
Lisa McLean
Karren Aspinall
Alex Sharp
Laura Scholes
Kay Pozzebon
Peter Innes
Mike Nagel
Amy Lalonde
Rachel Schousboe
Kenneth Young
Peter Gibbon
Joe Kearns
Jan Foster
Kerryann Walsh
Jennifer Sanderson

Thank you to the Human Research Ethics Committee, University of the Sunshine Coast

Partners and supporters

University of the Sunshine Coast
Telstra Foundation
Daniel Morcombe Foundation
Queensland Police Service
Curious Bear
Sunshine Cooloola Services Against Sexual Violence Inc.
Department of Education, Training and Employment, Queensland
Child Safety Services, Queensland Government
Family Planning Queensland
Queensland University of Technology
Griffith University
Cereproc text to speech
Faculty of Arts and Business, University of the Sunshine Coast
Brisbane Catholic Education Commission
Mark Birchall, Chancellor State College


Siena Catholic Primary School (A big thank you to Mrs de Brousse Laborde and 4P, 2013!)
Chancellor State College
Katryna Starks
Jesse Gilles
Fionnbharr Jones

Thank you also to Kawana Waters State College, Meridan State College and Buddina State School.

Orbit Website

Ben Rolfe
Gordon Moyes
Colleen Stieler-Hunt
Christian Jones
Lisa Mclean
Karrin Aspinall
Staff at Sunshine Cooloola Services Against Sexual Violence Inc.

Orbit Merchandise

Media and Communications, University of the Sunshine Coast (Thanks Di and Bec!)


“Schoolyard Stomp” by Rob Page
“Ring It in” by Frenetic Sound
“Gotta get a Girl” instrumental by Dean Anthony Caputo
“Sticks & Stones” Tracey and Vance Marino