At the beginning of the prologue the player character beams aboard a dark and gloomy spaceship.

dark ship

After the player has created hisher on-screen character (or “avatar”), heshe meets Epsilon, the spaceship’s navigator. Epsilon takes the player character on a tour of the three levels of the spaceship and introduces himher to the crew: Tau the technology guy and his robot puppy Pi, Zeta the janitor, Rho the security officer, Delta the scientist and Chi the cook.

all crew

Unfortunately, Epsilon is unable to introduce the player character to Sammy, their spaceship, because Sammy has locked himselfherself in hisher room and is not talking to anyone.

At the end of the tour Epsilon shows the player to hisher bedroom and leaves himher with some furniture and décor so that the player can set up hisher room as heshe pleases. He also gives the player character a communicator so that heshe can call him at any time.