Star of the Week – activity

Students take turns at being the “Star of the Week”.

Original author:
University of the Sunshine Coast
Time required:
10 minutes per week
School years 3-5
Relates to these Orbit sections:
Chapter 1, Robot factory mini-game
Relates to these Orbit key concepts:
Healthy self concept
Curricular area:
Personal and social capability
Content types:
star of the week, healthy self concept

Purpose: To help build understanding between students in your class and support students to continue building a healthy self concept.

Materials required:

Have each child bring in a photograph of themselves doing something they enjoy. Alternatively, take a photo of each child in the classroom engaged in an activity.

Each child has a turn being the ‘Star’. As a class complete the ‘Star of the Week’ chart on an A3 laminated piece of card with a star image at the top of the page. Blu tac the students picture to the chart and then with a whiteboard marker add background information about the student, their family members, hobbies, favourite foods etc. Have the class contribute interesting information about the student including things they are good at. Display the chart and also award some special privileges for the duration of the reign such as being classroom helper etc. If you prefer, you could do Star of the Day.